Boiler Cleaning and Annual Overhaul

High Pressure Jetting - up to 15,000psi for which our operators hold certification

Chemical Descale

By addition of acid to boiler system to remove scale and water treatments deposits Boiler cleaning method by means of using acids.

Descale of Boiler Tubes

Using mechanical tube cleaning equipment with tool heads and rotary wire brushes these are supplied to fit the tubes in your boiler.

This method can be used to clean coal, gas or oil (duel fuel) boilers.

Overhaul and Refurbishment of Valves

  • Safety valves,
  • Blowdown valves
  • Feed check valves
  • Globe valves
  • Gauge glass valves
  • Parallel slide valves
  • Screw down non-return valves

Other services

Repairs & Services:

  • Stocker overhauls
  • MK4 conversions
  • Re-tube
  • Flue repair & replacements
  • Major weld repairs
  • Recon Boilers
  • Overhaul boiler valves
  • Boiler commissioning
  • Acid wash
  • Automatic combustion equipment
  • Sand blasting & under coating
  • Outsourcing welders
  • Outsourcing boiler operators
  • Modification of steam lines & condensate returns
  • Boiler & boiler house maintenance
  • Boiler operators training
  • Welding training school
  • Boiler consulting & advisory services
  • all these can be packed and re-lapped using all new jointing materials offsite.

Boilers also refurbished in house with certification.