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frequently asked questions

Common inquiries from our wonderful customers

  • 01. Are there any Job vacancies available as a welder or boiler operator?
    Please fill out the form on our contact page and tell us about yourself. If we have a seat open, we will send you an email, otherwise, we do not have any vacancies.
  • 02. How can I study one of your courses if I do commercial subjects?
    Please feel free to visit this page to learn more about our courses: CLICK HERE
  • 01. How can I request a quote for a particular item?
    You can easily contact us and we will offer you with a price, or you can fill out the contact form and we will assist you.
  • 01. I would like to network with you and get to know more about your business?
    Please feel free to use our contact details to get in touch with us so that we can see how our business can assist you and vice versa.